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Image Prompt: This Road

Art © Stephen Dell'Aria Plein Air Painter
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
And, his website: Steve's Art And, his other blog HERE.
The artist lives in Fairfax, Virginia, and specializes in watercolor
and oil paintings.

Artwork used with permission from Stephen Dell'Aria.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Water-colour painting for a very watery scene;
The artist shows us clearly where the recent shower has been.
The clouds still have a moisty look and there may be more rain;
Then the dry grass by the roadway will come alive again.

James Parker said...


Before there was people,
Roads weren't to be found,
With the advent of mankind,
Roads began to abound.

Over centuries and centuries,
The population expanded,
And to get to new places,
More roads were demanded.

The need for us to travel,
From one place to the next,
Brought highways, roads and turnpikes,
Always building, frequently unchecked.

More roads and more roads,
It boggles the senses,
And were that not enough,
Along came the fences.

Mother Earth stands criss-crossed,
With Man's petty divisions,
But Progress and Ecology,
Often meet in collision

Man's greed and bad planning,
May cause his demise,
And allow Momma Earth,
To regain Paradise.

Poetic Artist said...

This road we shall follow to take us on the journey of the days that combine together in which we call Life.

Meandering Michael said...

This road goes from here to there
And there to here and back again
Back and forth and back and forth
The first time's fun but time will come
When all that to and fro's inane
Why do we yearn for open road?
Or destinations A and B?
Why do we build the beaten paths
The simple trails where minds go numb?
Explore. Explore! And leave the road!
See what others do not see!

Pat Jenkins said...

how many drifters have hitch hiked up this road?... he he....

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Warning: Cliches up ahead!

This road. Where will it lead me?
Only I can choose where to stop, and where to turn. Or, perhaps to turn around and go back again.

Yes, there are dead ends, but I must not falter for too long. And, I must not blame the road for making a wrong turn. Or, for getting lost on the way. It's the way of the road.

As they say, life's a journey not a destination. So, I vow to savor each twist and turn.

I will be grateful as long as I can still travel this road.


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