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Photo Prompt: See The Flower

Visit his website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Laporte, Colorado, and specializes in
black and white fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Cole Thompson.


Catherine said...

Life is like a flower,
as a seed, you're planted.
Sometimes, you die young,
sometimes you die an old tree.

Some people get the opportunity to become a flower,
be a change in the world.
You bloom,
sometimes forever,
sometimes never.

You can see the world in color,
or in black and white.

And the cycle starts over again,
because some flowers make seeds,
and some don't.

Flor Larios Art said...

Wow! It looks like a drawing more than a photo.

Lorna said...

Flowers are like people. This one so symmetrical, even, firm, uncomplicated.

And then there are the dandelion people, considered weeds but the most ephemeral of all, so effortlessly airborne. Light as air and almost invisible to the eye.


James Parker said...


I think I'm called a zinnia,
But maybe I'm an aster,
Your teacher probably knows,
So you might could go and ask her.

But see how nice my petals,
Are arranged so prettily,
The're placed there by design,
In what's known as symmetry.

But of millions other asters,
None's exactly just like me,
Each of us is unique,
That's the way it's meant to be.

And the main thing you should notice,
Is how the world would be much duller,
If The Father up above,
Hadn't provided us with color.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Were this flower red we would gaze at its redness,
Viewing its colour with wonder and awe.
If this flower were gold we would gaze at its goldness,
Remarking how brilliant the colour we saw.
But this flower is grey so we notice its pattern,
The curve of a petal, the the stripes and the shade,
The jewel at the centre, the sheen and the shimmer,
Colourless, what a design it has made!

Pat Jenkins said...

we can equate the bloom of a flower with dawn or opening of a new you!! both glorious openings!!

Michael said...

Nothing makes a bug more sour
Than a black and whitened flower
Where are the ultraviolet hues
That give the bee its landing cues?
Where did the glorious colours go
That give our fields a happy glow?
Instead, a flower of mono-chromed blight
Where all the petals are black and white...

Michael said...

A factoid that quizsters can wear on their sleeves:
The petals are actually modified leaves
There are dozens of flowers right there in the eye
With their pistils and stamens and pollen, oh my!

Marian Trasca said...

great result


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