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Photo Prompt: See For The First Time

Photo Title: Lips and Teeth © Warren Harold
Visit his website to see additional photos.
And, his blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Houston, Texas, and specializes in toy
camera and pinhole photography.

Photo used with permission from Warren Harold.


Anonymous said...

I want to close my eyes and see my face when I was young.

Meandering Michael said...

In this tiny school house,
I wasted days away.
I never seemed to learn a thing;
I'd rather go and play

Then one rainy afternoon
I saw out in the yard
A vision of such loveliness
That made my heart beat hard

Shining eyes and happy smile
A little bounce there in her walk
The way her hair glowed like the sun
My mouth went dry; I couldn't talk

I had to get a closer look
I leaned into the glass
Though I was in the classroom
I hadn't any class

With pig-pressed nose and squishy lip
With foggy breath upon the pane
I yearned to meet this pretty girl
And by her side remain

I had visions of our marriage
And our farm out in the sticks
And boy and two girls that we'll have
Before we reach Grade Six.

Pat Jenkins said...

let me see!!!!

James Parker said...


Looking through this window,
The scariest thing I see,
Is just my own reflection.
Looking back at me.

WHY? said...

What a fascinating image of this young boy. His look of childish wonder and innocence makes my eyes tear. What I would give to experience this one more time.

Meandering Michael, I think your poem hit the nail on the head.

Lorna said...
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Lorna said...

Sometimes the full-blown honesty and enthusiasm of those with innocent and un-self-conscious hearts makes them look out of alignment to those with more control over their behavior.

I have usually identified with the first and have not been too comfortable with the second.


Meandering Michael said...

Thanks, WHY? Impaling heads with nails is an unusual skill, but I take pride in it.


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