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Image Prompt: Night

Art Title: Shihlin Night © Nobuhito Tanaka
Visit his website to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in California, and specializes in realism, painting
still lifes, figures and cityscapes.

Artwork used with permission from Nobuhito Tanaka.


Meandering Michael said...

I work the streets from dusk 'till dawn
It's how I earn my pay
Though many frown at what I do
I see no other way
A "public service". That's my trade
I don't get any cheaper
You want your streets to get cleaned up?
Well, I am your street sweeper.

Sarah-Paige said...

I have seen those tiny people
under plastic halos,
they live and they die
beneath those plastic halos
bathed in neon light,
known for a moment
to the breathing shadows.
Avoiding the congregations
of puddled damp I hop
from dry to dry,
a hopskotch grid down 5th avenue,
over on main sirens shatter
the glassy still that was
and will never be again
for judgement has come
and as the homeless ascend
unbelievers are bathed
with God's perfect tears;
the earth shall swallow them up
and the sun be gone from the sky
for the Lord has come
and he shall be your light.

James Parker said...


In bright daylight, the dirt and grime,
Flaunt the cancer of the city.
The smoke and haze and traffic jams,
Just aren't very pretty.

But the sun descends, and lights come on,
And magic fills the air.
Objects sparkle, and images glimmer,
Shadows flirt in the neon glare.

For some the dark is herald,
To the beginning of their day,
The night spreads open arms,
An attitude of "Come what may!"

A simple man, a country boy,
I shun the lights of the city,
With its painted fools bedecked in jewels,
I think, "Man, what a pity"

The night to me is a doorway,
Opening to Heaven at its best,
The grandeur of the moon and stars,
Is what puts my soul to rest.

Pat Jenkins said...

phantom figures free forever... those neon knights... yours truly ronnie james dio


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