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Photo Writing Prompt

Photo © Barbara Cole
Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Toronto, Canada, and specializes in
photographic based artwork.

Photo used with permission from Barbara Cole.


Meandering Michael said...

I came here to meet a guy and get into his shorts
It would appear that THEY came here to drink beer and watch sports
Upon first glance I would declare that they do not have lives
On second glance I've realized they're hiding from their wives

James Parker said...

haha, ole rascal.


My friends said at this club,
The ladies drank for free,
I've got two beers and Scotch,
On the table right before me.

I won't say my pals are liars,
But I'm sure they must be teasers,
Cause it's just no fun at all,
Sitting here with all these geezers.

Pat Jenkins said...

what an empty feeling, being lonely in a crowd!!


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