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Image Prompt: Mama's Kisses

Illustration © Belicta Castelbarco
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
And, her illustrations HERE and HERE.
The artists lives in Hamburg, Germany, and is a
visual communications designer.

Artwork used with permission from Belicta Castelbarco.


Meandering Michael said...

Wet and sloppy
Warm and mushy
Right upon my forehead
When it's done in front of friends
It's something that I dread
But even though
I make a show
That mom's kisses aren't wanted
I like that she proceeds with them, undaunted

James Parker said...


We're two real lucky tunas,
Cause our Momma's such a jewel,
A couple of slimy kisses,
Then it's off we go to school.

WHY? said...

Momma's kisses used to make me mad. No, mommy! Harry and Lenny are watching, don't you see? I'm a big boy now, so please don't kiss me anymore. Not in front of the other boys.

Momma's hugs used to make me mad. No, mommy! The girls are watching, and they'll think I'm a momma's boy. Just drop me off at the sidewalk and wave goodbye from the car.

I can feel momma's kisses and her hugs. Her sweet perfume, and twinkle in her eyes.

How I miss my momma's kisses. How I miss my momma now.

Pat Jenkins said...

no greater feeling than being in the warmth of home! and home is wherever a loving mom and dad are!


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