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Photo Prompt: I Promise To Be Good

(From his images of dogs in shelters.)
Visit his website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and specializes in
black and white fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Bruno Espadana.


Flor Larios Art said...

Super photo! poor thing :(

Sarah-Paige said...

i promised to be good
but the flowers were still alive
and color lunged from our eyes

the skies fell down
with the weight of winter's gray
and we all stayed home to pray

for the man on the moon
for the kids out of tune
for the dust in pharoah's tomb

i promised to be good
but your footsteps slowly faded
as the birds fell silent and sedated

you promised me too
the castles and the ponies
and a dog named tony

James Parker said...

His eyes speak volumes...


Oh Master, I adore you,
My love is tried and true,
Above all things in life,
I want to be with you.

I'll ward off thieves and thugs,
And guard the house with pride,
I'll fetch the daily paper,
Always faithful...forever by your side.

Oh Master, look into my eyes,
There's not a shred of doubt,
I yearn so much to be your friend,
Please Master, Let me Out.

WHY? said...

Where are you, Joe?
I can still smell you.
The baby powder in your favorite shoes.
Your minty breath before you walk out the door.

Where are you, Joe?
I know I sat, and stayed.
And, I remember shaking your hand.
I kept my promise, and didn't jump on your chair.

Where are you, Joe?
I've been waiting and waiting
behind this cold, metal gate.
I miss your warm hand rubbing
my belly.
And, your kiss on my wet nose.

Where are you, Joe?
Please come take me home.
I promise I'll be good.
I'll do what ever you say.

Where are you, Joe?

Pat Jenkins said...

a dreadful feeling to be told you are always wrong!

dominique eichi said...

LOVE.................. we all need IT.
Please let's get over ourselves and give it !

Meandering Michael said...

Trevor was man's best friend
But he bit. Would he soon meet his end?
It went to a trial
It would all be worthwhile
With some training the dog's on the mend.

Philse said...

Very powerful. Adopt. Never Buy.


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