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Image Prompt: Just Like Yesterday

Art © Linda Apple
Visit her website to see additional artwork. And, her blog HERE
The artist lives in Ohio, and specializes in
painting moments of everyday life.

Artwork used with permission from Linda Apple.


Poetic Artist said...

Have we already had this conversation?

James Parker said...


"It was 40 years ago today,
On a park bench much like this,
That you held my hand so tendeerly,
And gave me my first kiss".

"I recall it, oh, so well,
Was the last day of September,
It was such a special moment,:
She said, "Do you remember?"

"If you say so" he said,
As he read the morning paper,
"What I really do remember,
Was that burger we had later."

WHY? said...

Sometimes, as I'm driving down a street, I see an old couple walking hand in hand. And, I am brought to tears because of the love they must have for each other. All those years they've spent together. And, someday one of them will be left all alone with only memories to hold onto.


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