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Photo Prompt: Intersect

Photo © Sean Raath - An Instant In Time
Visit his blog to see additional photos.
And, his other blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Zurich, Switzerland, and specializes in
street portraits and street photography.
"One never reaches home,
but wherever friendly paths intersect
the whole world looks like home for a time."
~Hermann Hesse
Photo used with permission from Sean Raath.


Rinkly Rimes said...

More fascinating intersections.

Pat Jenkins said...

oh the many directions we all take, and because of all that travel mankind is able to find its way!!!

James Parker said...


A thousand different people,
Walk these streets each day,
Paths cross and intermingle,
Without a word to say.

Every one's a book unopened,
So many tales untold,
Hope and Joy, Sorrow and Pain,
Hidden deep within the soul.

People just don't seem to care,
To greet their fellow man,
They just pass by these other folks,
And avoid them if they can.

WHY? said...

How interesting fate is. We go out to the corner store, only to meet a stranger at the check out line. We exchange just a few words. And, those words, if they are meaningful, can change our lives forever. We only have to pay attention!

Meandering Michael said...

If I could read you like a book
With just a moment's look
I would know each memory
From your life's story
If you saw deeper than my skin
You'd know the state of love I'm in
Instead our paths cross on the street
A moment's glory


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