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Image Prompt: Remember Me

Illustration: © Ella Elviana- The Enigma
Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Indonesia, and specializes in children's book

Artwork used by permission from Ella Elviana.


James Parker said...


It's only been two years,
Since Daddy passed away,
At times I can't remember him,
Though I try hard to each day.

But you came here just 3 weeks ago,
From out of the clear blue sky,
At a time when we were desperate,
When Mom would just sit and cry.

Last month the big wind came,
And swept down through our town,
Leaving a path of destruction,
And our house near falling down.

But you showed up on our doorstep,
Like the rays of the morning sun,
And set about repairing,
The damage that was done.

You were really such a comfort,
Like a good friend or big brother,
And you talked to us each night,
How we should all just love each other,

It breaks my heart you're leaving,
You touched us so tenderly,
You'll be forever in my heart,
Oh Josh...remember me.

Glynis said...

Stay safe daddy x

WHY? said...

It's been 23 years, but I can still see you in my rear view mirror. Your long braids and your favorite green dress. Those tattered red sneakers you refused to throw out. I had to leave, please believe me, my darling. And after all these years, I can still see the tears streaming down your freckled face. I wish I could turn back the clock. I wish I took you with me. But, I had to leave. Please believe me, my sweetheart.

Pat Jenkins said...

the emptyness of being left!!

blinkeeluna said...

How fondly can the heart remember
despite the many years gone past
Of days spent as one, sharing tears and laughter together, that seemed as if we hold in our hands the fragile thread of time they called forever.

But forever was only but a few hours in a day. Too long missed, too long gone, and all I have left now is a box of happy memories that keeps me wondering and waiting if you'll ever return until this very day.

Meandering Michael said...

Remember, remember
Is what I must do
ABX and then 4218
His red Ford hit our car
And then scooted afar
The police will be wanting his plate!


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