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Image Prompt: An Angry Woman...

Illustration © Dustin d’Arnault
Visit his website to see additional artwork.
And, his blog HERE
The illustrator currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and specializes in
comics and production art.

Artwork used with permission from Dustin d’Arnault.


Rinkly Rimes said...

NOT looking back in anger!

Meandering Michael said...

There once was a guy named Stan
You'd call him a "troubled man"
Took hits to his body
From all of the hotties
Who'd slept with Stan's twin bro, Dan

WHY? said...

Men may have muscle, and carry guns and use knives, but a woman's anger is as loud as thunder, and as destructive as fire.

Pat Jenkins said...

i like my women feisty!!!! :)

James Parker said...


In dealing with the opposite sex,
It's well that you remember,
Some terms are unacceptable,
And girls can have a temper.

But Dudley was a loudmouth,
Your typical macho fool,
And his vulgar sense of humor,
Was anything but cool.

But he's gonna learn his lesson,
And he's gonna learn it good,
These ladies, they mean business,
In fact, they're out for blood.

Cause he met these lovely ladies,
And proceeded to announce:
"What have we here now..
A gossiping herd of cows?"


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