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Photo Prompt: A Home Is...

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The photographer lives in Denmark.

Photo used with permission from Joakim Eskildsen.


WHY? said...

Coming home, I can breathe again. Even as I get older, and I can be more authentic out in the world, home is the only place that I feel safe. Home is like a warm bathe. I step inside the doorway, and a warm, peaceful energy surrounds me.

Rinkly Rimes said...

The wooden door reminded me.

Glynis said...

Andreas had bedded down his donkey for the day. The vineyard work had been hard to day, he missed Ephienia. The stone house missed her, no bread baking smells greeted him.
Tears flowed when he saw her broom propped in the corner. Life and dust was all he had now. That and his donkey.

Holly Elizabeth-Jean said...

I am new to using this site as a prompt, but plan on coming back in the future...

"What lays beyond this door
That guards my heart,
What lays beyond the walls
That guard my soul,
What lays beyond this life
That I have lived so long,"

Meandering Michael said...

A home is a trap
Lured by soft beds and TV
Family and food

James Parker said...


A simple man, A simple house,
I have 'most all I need,
And cookin's not a problem,
With just one mouth to feed.

But the major problem is,
With this plain and simple life,
Is that is sure gets lonely,
Around here without a wife.

So, in case you may have wondered,
Why I have the door part open,
It's because some gal may happen by,
And come in.... I keep on hoping.

Pat Jenkins said...

.... that safe place that allows us to come in from the "cold" of this world..... your home is your sanctuary, it is too bad too many houses are not places of peaceful suclusion!

Pat Jenkins said...

or is it seclusion... ooops.... :)


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