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Image Prompt: A Face In The Crowd

Art © Erin McGuire
Visit her website to see additional artwork. And, her blog HERE.
The artist lives in Dallas, Texas, and specializes in illustration
and children's books.

Artwork used with permission from Ellen McGuire.


Rinkly Rimes said...

More being alone in a crowd here:

Meandering Michael said...

In a crowded room
Murmuring minglers
Tell stories, and
Like voices stirred into a warm porridge of noise
Through the thick oatmeal sounds
I hear my name
As clear as a dollop of honey
As clear as a dollop of honey
In a bowl full of mush

On a crowded street
Cranky commuters
Shuffle, and
Like flecks of white in a globe full of snow
Through the swirling winter flakes
I see your face
As clear as a light in the window
As clear as a light in the window
Through a wild winter storm

WHY? said...

This image reminds me of all those missed opportunities. Not only chance meetings with potential lovers, but potential friends and people who may have really changed our lives in some great way!

James Parker said...


So many different people,
So many different faces.
A melting pot of culture,
So many different races.

It often makes me wonder,
That within this human flow,
There seldom comes a time,
When I see a face I know.

But today's a little different,
There's a face among the crowd,
That I recognize at once,
And makes me laugh out loud.

Of all the folks I've met,
And known throughout my life,
I would just have to happen on...
A ex-wife.

Pat Jenkins said...

if we know our identity, we are never just a number or another face!!!

gege said...

Anonymity plagues me
To be merely a shape
A creature ordinary
In a crowd of pretty
A mob of fabulous
A herd of superiority
With all the trappings of success
To be merely a shadow
Of somebody once pretty
Fabulous, superior,
Trapped in ideas of success
And illusions of becoming
Bigger, better than I could ever be
A face in the crowd


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