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Photo Prompt: No Outlet

Photo © Tread - GoTreadGo
Visit his website to see additional photos.
And, his photo blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Central Kentucky, and specializes in
Toy Camera Photography specifically Black & White
and Color photography, captured non-digitally,
and printed traditionally using silver and paper.

Photo used with permission from Tread.


Meandering Michael said...

I like electricity
It gives me quite a charge
It shouldn't be so shocking:
I like e-lec-tric discharge!
But I can find no outlet
to get the shock I likes
So I carry round this 'brolly
And I pray that lightning strikes!

WHY? said...

It's been four weeks since my last paycheck, and I'm at my wits end. My life is in this bag, my umbrella, a birthday gift from my beloved mother. The days are getting shorter, and my wallet is getting thin. I won't even have a bed to sleep in tonight. But, I have my faith, and I still hope and pray that things will get better. It could be worse, right? That man on the street last night, he couldn't even walk or sit up straight. God, I wish I had enough money to help him. But, what will I do when it's all gone? Who can I turn to? The church doesn't even keep their doors open at night.

But, I won't give up. I won't die out here on the streets. There's always a way out. Always!

Pat Jenkins said...

ah the umbrella another tool we need to shelter us from the elements.....


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