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Image Prompt: For You

Art © Graham Franciose
Visit his blog to see additional artwork. And, his ETSY site HERE.
The artist lives in Austin, Texas, and specializes in oil and
ink illustrations and fine art.

Artwork used with permission from Graham Franciose


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Secret friend of mine
I love you so
your safe in my world
I'll never let you go
lets take each day
just one day at a time
I will help you smile
there is nothing to fear
in this world of mine
come with me
take my hand
secret friend of mine
i need you so
i love you so

James Parker said...


I know you must be lonely,
Cause you're uglier than sin,
But I could tell from just one glance,
There's a loving heart within.

Looks shouldn't really matter,
But they do, and that's a fact,
And with looks like yours, no wonder,
How badly folks react.

So I'll just close my eyes and hug you,
And stretch my mind a step,
And pretend that I am holding,
Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.

WHY? said...

This image brings to mind a kid I knew in high school. He was tormented by the other kids because he was short and wore thick, black frame glasses and high wasted pants that barely covered his white socks which of course went up near his calves. He was real smart, and kept to himself. I wish I had defended him, but I was afraid of what my friends might think of me. It's such a tragedy how mean kids can be to each other. I often think it's biology and something to do with the survival of the fittest. But, now that I'm older, I finally know how fake appearances are. And how much time we waste on our looks because we want to be loved and accepted. But what we need to spend time on is knowing what the truth is. Especially when it comes to other people, and where to direct our hearts.

Meandering Michael said...

Wally was a whale-boy
Who went on a school exchange
After living in the ocean
The prairies were a change

Every day, around noon time
He's sing sweet whale songs
The children liked to listen
But they couldn't sing along

Wendy was a special girl
Who thought the whale-boy sweet
She wanted to reciprocate
And give the boy a treat

She asked him what he wanted
And he tried his best to say
English isn't easy for
A whale-boy from the bay

She got him what he asked for
But he didn't want the flower
The Plains are dry for whale-boys
What he wanted was a shower


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