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Image Prompt: Your Words Will Never Hurt Me

Artwork © Michael Scholl
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
And, HERE and HERE
The artist lives in Wilkes-Barre, PA and specializes in
graphic art and illustration.

Artwork used with permission from Michael Scholl.


dominique eichi said...

Even though i cover my ears i hear all the evil words you say.
I don't know how to protect myself and will live my life affected by them.
You don't care but for yourself one day will come you will have to answer to what you said.
I will go and seek hope and love somewhere else because here there is only evil thoughts.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The words that you
when you looked at me,,
my heart was
only broken,,,
but its okay
i feel no pain
i didn't want to see
your eyes look at me
i did not want to see
your lips say those words
i did not want you
to push me away
your words,,,,,
will never hurt me
cause I feel no pain.

James Parker said...


Shred a sheet of paper,
Hold the pieces in your hand,
Then throw them to the wind,
Let them scatter cross the land.

They're like the spoken words,
That issue from your mouth,
No power can return them,
Once the words have been let out.

You say the cruelest things to me,
And I haven't got a clue,
Why you choose to be so heartless,
I've not been mean to you.

To say your words don't hurt me,
Would be an outright lie,
They break my heart and make me sad,
I often hide and cry.

Many times it's said with wisdom,
What goes 'round comes around,
And so your words may follow you,
And one day bring you down.

L.Holm said...

Hear Me
No More
No More

WHY? said...

Some words are as sharp as knives that get buried deep inside your heart. And, when you least expect it, a breathe or a sudden move sends shockwaves throughout your body. Shockwaves that can paralyze you for good.


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