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Photo Prompt: The Voyage

Photo © Carl Weese
Visit his website to see additional photos.
And, his blog HERE and HERE
The photographer lives in Connecticut, and specializes in
documentary photography.

Photo used with permission from Carl Weese.


James Parker said...


Shrouded in an eerie mist,
The journey has begun,
My destination lies somewhere,
Beyond the rising sun.

One by one the hazy lights,
Grow dim and fade away,
Ice cold, the darkness settles in,
Can I ever find my way?

Through this dark and dismal night,
My fears rise up to taunt me,
The beating of my frantic heart,
A lonely sound that haunts me.

Like an angel's whispered breath,
A faint glow fills the air,
Growing brighter every moment,
Dissolving this dread nightmare.

My journey is now over,
At this place that I have come,
A place of warmth and love,
My everlasting home.

Abhishek said...

It reminds of a game,
a video game.

The way his hood darkens his face,
the way it keeps in place.

He is a member of an ancient creed,
one that takes, as it would need.

And if you still don't know who he might be.
Well, go play some game...

Meandering Michael said...

I'll row across the ocean
I'll row across the sea
I'll row up rivers, streams, and creeks
I'll row the Mississippi
I'll row bayous
I'll row lagoons
To harbors, bays and quays
I'll row them all to see my gal
In Atwood, Tennessee

L.Holm said...

Charon rows to distant lights that hold no warmth;
I wonder if, heroic, I will return home.


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