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Photo Prompt: The Ride

Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Farrell, Pennsylvania, and
specializes in toy camera portrait photography.

Photo used with permission from Rebecca Pendel.


ratu lakhsmita indira said...


James Parker said...


Once a year in Autumn,
The carnival comes to town,
It brings all kinds of wonders,
New signts & smells & sounds,

But the rides are something special,
They always make me squeal,
The roller coaster, the Twister,
The Cyclone and Ferris Wheel.

But there's one ride I won't take,
Cause it's nothing but a thief,
The last time that I rode it,
It brought me tons of grief.

I boarded up the Round-Up,
Without a thought or care,
With my pockets full of quarters,
When I got off, they were bare.

WHY? said...

In circles we go on this ride called Life. When it stops we will never know. And, every day we have to hold on but also let go. Who knows where this ride will take us? Just enjoy the experience before it's too late.

Meandering Michael said...

I'm plastered to a vinyl mat
Face pulled back on my skull
My arms don't work
My legs won't lift
It gives me time to mull

I think I want my money back
They don't deserve these fees
The Round Up sign
But I feel 3 Gs


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