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Image Prompt: With Only One Wing

Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
And, her Etsy site: Flor Larios Art
The artist lives in Miami, Florida. She is self-taught, and loves
to paint angels, fairies, nativities, and Frida Kahlo.
Mostly folk art with an old, rustic charm,
she also creates art items and collages for the home; in boxes,
crosses, mirrors, ornaments, etc.

Artwork used with permission from Flors Larios.


James Parker said...


"Angel Flying Too Close,
To the Ground" ole'Willie sings,
It's really rather common...
An angel with broken wings.

And some have only one wing,
Like the one who's pictured here,
It brings to mind the old phrase,
"Get by on a wing and a prayer"

You see, angels dwell among us,
Between Above and Down Below,
And it's hard to stay in balance,
It's one tough row to hoe.

Their only purpose being here,
Is to help us to fly straight,
But it's often just impossible,
When we refuse to co-operate.

And that's exactly what has happened,
To this poor, l'il angel child
She's all beat up and broken,
From some sinner gone hog-wild.

Renee said...

I own two of her paintings and I love them.

Nancy I loved the card, and the letter. Thank you.


Poetic Artist said...

Her work is beautiful.
Thank you for sharing. Take care.

WHY? said...

Sophia wept for days, and weeks, and months afraid she would never be able to fly. What's an angel without wings?

She felt disfigured, and too ashamed to seek out help from the other angels. What must they think of her? So, solitude became her sanctuary. And, she never ventured out of the dark cave of her mind. If only she knew that an angel with one wing was not a punishment, but a test.

How can one love the unloveable, if one can't love oneself?

Judy Mackey said...

Reminded me of a quote I love,

We are, each of us, angels with one wing. We can only fly by embracing one another - Lucian de Crescenzo

Meandering Michael said...

I have one wing
But only one wing
To thee I know my wing appears
To be useless and pointless
A clap with one hand
Or like speaking when nobody hears
But when you are burning
With fever or pain
Or grief and there's no solace near
This wing will bring comfort
A soft soothing breeze
And then you will know
I am near

lark said...

Although I only have one wing I will still make it to heaven. I will be lifted by my brothers and sisters that went before me. I will be saved from falling back to earth and worse. And by the time my fellow angels deliver me to my heavenly destination my wing would have grown back so that I may help another angel on their way to heaven.


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