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Photo Prompt: This Old Truck Of Mine

Photo ©Tiffany Teske - i heart polaroid
Visit her blog to see additional photos.
And, her other sites: HERE and HERE.
The photographer lives in Banff, Alberta, Canada, and
specializes in photo based
mixed media and fine art photography.
Writing Prompt Idea
Try writing the lyrics to a country song.
About a truck, your ex-wife, anything.
Have fun with it.
Some short articles HERE and HERE.
Photo used with permission from Tiffany Teske.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Your photo reminded me of this poem....

James Parker said...

(to the tune of Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again ")

Off the road again,
I'll be durned, I'm off the road again,
Hate to think my running days are at an end
But here I the road again.

Off the road again.
Needing fixin' over and over again,
Burning oil and guzzlin' gas like it was sin,
Guess that's why I'm off the road again.

Not the road again,
Like a blaze of glory I'd go down the highway,
But not now, my friend,
I'm just rusting in a junkyard, very sadly,
And very the road again.

Tiffany Teske said...

Thank you for featuring my photo, Nancy! I love reading what people have written...

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Always, my pleasure, Tiffany:)
Thank YOU!

Meandering Michael said...

My old rusty muffler don't hum like it used to
It rattles and shakes and it roars
My dog ran away o'er the praire
'Cause he couldn't take it no more

A truck and a man ain't so different
We both get old and break down
We don't go as fast as we used to
It gets harder to spend nights on the town

A truck and a man ain't so different
Our joints and our springs start to rust
Our fuel lines get clogged up and greasy
What good's a truck without thrust?

Some like to drive an old beater
Some need a fancy new ride
I get half-a-mile to the liter
But only on a downhill glide

A truck and a man ain't so different
We've traveled life's roads just the same
My exhaust doesn't smell like it used to
And that is a source of great shame

My old rusty muffler don't hum like it used to
It rattles and shakes and it roars
My woman; she packed up and left me
She couldn't take it no more


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