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Creative Prompt: Naomi's First Dress

Art Title: Naomi's First Dress © Karen Hollingsworth
Visit her website to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and specializes in oil painting.

Artwork used with permission from Karen Hollingsworth.


Flor Larios Art said...

Impressive! Great contrst the blackness of the background against the white dress. Just perfect!
It has a nostalgic feel...

Rinkly Rimes said...

A very special dress here:

James Parker said...


My name is Naomi Lou.
And I can climb a tree,
I can ride a horse and jump a fence,
I'm as tough as tough can be.

I love to play all sports,
Soccer, tag, and football, too,
Gimme a baseball or Frisbee,
And I'll show ya what to do.

I play rough with all the guys,
I'm a tomboy you might guess,
So why do you reckon Grandma,
Gave me this dumb white dress?

I know it's kinda pretty,
And it sure smells clean and nice,
So maybe I'll humor Grandma,
And wear it once. Or twice.

WHY? said...
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WHY? said...

The first time I put that dress on Naomi, she cried like a lunatic.

Is the fabric itchy, I wondered. I reached out and touched it. It felt soft and silky against my skin.

Perhaps she needed a nap.

Hours later, driving to my mother's house, she was still miserable. She cried again the second time, so I stored the dress away in back of the closet.

Then forgot all about it. Until yesterday.

But, this time, it was I who cried. I had wanted to bury her in the dress, but how could I? She had hated it so much.

It was Naomi's first dress. How could I give it away?

Meandering Michael said...

When Naomi was a little child
A mother's pride prevailed
Naomi wore the frilly dress
But shrieked and cried and wailed
In spite of this behavior
There was mother filled with joy
But Naomi wasn't happy
'Cause Naomi was a boy


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