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Creative Prompt: To Life!

Visit her website to see additional artwork.
And, her blogs HERE and HERE.
The artist lives in Cornwall, United Kingdom, and specializes in
On this Valentine's Day,
remember to celebrate your love for "life."
Perhaps, by writing an ode or a haiku
Or, create a piece of art or photograph.
Artwork used with permission from Sarah Wimperis.


Lynne Davis said...

A big blue sky!
have the buffaloes eaten
all of the clouds?

by Mikihiko Itami

WHY? said...

Last night, I felt suffocated by the darkness, and closed my eyes wishing for it to end.

But, this morning, I can see the light spread out before me, and I open my eyes to take it all in.

What a difference a day makes!

dominique eichi said...

Bloom where your planted........ : -D

Happy Valentine to you Nancy.

James Parker said...


Stop for just a moment,
And take a look around you,
The wondrous world of nature,
Should dazzle and astound you.

Windswept deserts beckon,
Green meadows offer solace,
Pearl islands dot the ocean,
And cool breezes gently call us.

Plants and flowers flourish,
In a bouquet of delight,
The beaches...forest...wetlands,
Oh, there's so much more to cite.

Glistening, sparkling diamonds,
Reflect upon the waters,
That spread in all directions,
For ourselves, and sons and daughters.

Let's celebrate the planet,
And all its things of worth,
We must each reach out, embracing,
Our priceless Mother Earth.

Meandering Michael said...

Explore a wild space
Remember everything. Return.
See it with new eyes.


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