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Creative Prompt: On The Other Side

Visit her website to see additional artwork.
And, her blogs HERE , HERE and, HERE.
Dominique lives in San Diego, California, and specializes
in faux-finishes and murals but enjoys sketching in pen,
ink & watercolor on her Dancing Strokes Blog.

Artwork used with permission from Dominique Eichi.


James Parker said...


I stand amid the shadows,
Just within the door,
Of a pale and dull existence,
That makes each day a bore.

Happiness and rejoicing,
Are seldom ever found,
Within this muted landscape,
It's sadness that abounds.

As a cold wind sweeps around me,
I can see the light beyond,
A brightness that I long for,
That beckons me to join.

To venture past that portal,
A leap of faith is needed,
To embrace a Higher Power,
And take the path He's leading.

But once into the light,
A whole new world will surface,
One of hope and understanding...
Of joy and love and purpose.

Sarah-Paige said...

Moss covered bricks barely standing
surround a sanctuary overgrown
silently hid behind doors that were
and now stooping to brush splinters
against the dew tipped grass,
lavender and rose punctuate
the airy still hung there like a debtor
by roots tangled and dry.

Meandering Michael said...

A man cannot stand to be trapped in a room.
To be fenced in or bound truly galls.
Why is it then, if we strive to be free,
That we keep putting up all these walls?


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