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Creative Prompt: Ten Cents A Ride

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The photographer lives in Richmond, Virginia, and specializes in

Photo used with permission from Tom Chambers.


James Parker said...


"Hey, let's ride the horsey!"
The kids' voices would chime,
They'd line up to mount me,
And it cost just a dime.

I could hear their sweet laughter,
As they had a good time,
I gave em their money's worth, costs just a dime.

Then one day came the spaceship,
"Far Out" the kids hollered,
With a sign boldly reading,
"Fly to Mars for a Dollar".

Now I'm stuck in this basement,
With its musty old smell,
I'm mad and resent it,
They can all go to...

Dave King said...

Excellent prompt. I think I can use that. And an excellent poem.

Meandering Michael said...

Deep in the heart of an old Aztec tomb
The intrepid explorer had found
A wondrous device from a time that's long past
Preserved by the Ancients, deep under the ground

Explorer Intrepid knew then, at a glance
The importance of what he had found
The insight he had into cultures long past
Was a thing for which he was renowned

The Press of the World had gathered to hear
And scholars and scientists as well
He climbed to the lecturn to share what he knew
And this is what he had to tell:

"An idol to worship; with homage they paid
The God of the Horses was He.
After placing their sacrifice into the box
In transcendent rocking were seized."

The scholars and scientists nodded their heads
The Press of the World spread the news
Of a culture long-gone with no voice of their own
To correct our erroneous views.

lark said...

I climbed down the ladder to basement to find a horsey just like the one I knew as a child "mmmmmm 10 cents" I pulled the dime out of my pocket and put it the slot and took my place on the horses back. Slowly the device came to life and seem ok with my weight on its back. It began to rock and the old time merry-go-'round music played. I began to notice a change in the room, before I knew it I was outside in front of a supermarket and I was child horsey turned out to be a time machine!


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