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Creative Prompt: The River Of Life

Artwork by Thomas Cole (1801-1848)
The artist was born in Lancashire, England.
For Renee
I will never forget you!
Artwork is in the public domain and not restricted by copyright.


WHY? said...

I had a dream, once, very similar to this picture. But, I was sitting in the boat by myself. I had no control of the boat, and could only wait to see where it would take me. The dream was very peaceful. I felt no fear. I trusted that I would end up in a very safe place. It was odd as I normally wake up very anxious after a dream like this.

I don't believe in angels, nor do I believe in predestination. I believe that my life, and where I end up, is all in my hands. But, I do sense at times, a greater force outside of myself. Especially when I am out in nature. I can't say that it's God. And, I can't say that it's faith. I wish I could because I know I would be happier.

This artwork is amazing. I could look at it all day long because it brings me such peace. Just like my dream!! As though this artist read my mind.

Meandering Michael said...

Indomitable currents
Carrying me
Away from my past
To who I will be

The River of Life
Is not one that I fear
The currents are strong
But at least I can steer

James Parker said...


The rivers of our life,
Are many and greatly varied,
Sometimes we can row ourselves along,
Other times we are fitfully carried.

By currents so very strong,
They threaten to sink and drown us,
Dark forces move in subtle ways,
Weaving the cords that have bound us.

Beneath the darkest canopy,
Of Life's most blackened streams
Pin-prick holes will always perforate,
Sending hope in small light beams.

To grasp each one and perservere,
Is what it's all about,
And embrace the wondrous light,
When, at last, we make our way out.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The river of life
can be many things
for you and me.
It can be a reflection
of paths we have traveled.
It can be a journey of
where we will yet explore.
It can be who we are
right now
or who we will be
or it can reflect
on someone's memory,,,,
that we knew
and now is gone.


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