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Creative Prompt: Wind Chimes

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt - Pink Sherbet Photography
Visit her Flickr site to see more photos.
She is a freelance stock photographer,
and lives in Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

This particular photo is part of her Creative Commons series,
and is free to use with credit to the photographer.


Butternut Squash said...

In the sultry days of summer, we waited, our bellies pressed to the soft moist dirt beneath the bushes. We waited for inspiration to come whispered in the wind. But on those very hot and windless days, there were no whispers. Too hot to play, to hot too think about anything except how to escape from the heat.

WHY? said...

I awoke to the sounds of the wind chimes by my kitchen window. The ones hanging from the old dogwood tree that always blooms late each year. The sound reminded me of summers at my grandma's house.

She'd serve us breakfast out on the porch. Fresh orange juice she squeezed that morning, and warm toast smothered in sweet butter and honey. We'd watch the squirrels chasing each other up her tall oak trees. Every now and then one would freeze on the side of the tree, as though we couldn't see him! His tail would flicker as Grandma and I laughed quitely to ourselves.

She must have had hundreds of wind chimes all over her property. At least, that's what it sounded like. I'd sit rocking on the porch, and listen to the chimes while I daydreamed about School, and pictured Tommy all tanned from going to the beach. I missed him so much, but Grandma wouldn't understand. She'd say I was too young for boys, but what did she know?

I forced myself out of bed, and put on the coffee. The sky was grey, and all I could think about lately was where Tommy was. Was he married? Was he happy?

I grabbed a cup and poured myself some coffee. It was going to be a busy day at work, so I needed to focus. I'd think about Tommy some other time.

Meandering Michael said...

Winter feroce
Sussurandoof the Spring
Hymns composed by wind

James Parker said...


Suspended in mid-air,
Hangs a modest little wind chime,
And although it's silent now,
Just wait a bit of time.

Aha! A gentle breeze is stirring,
As the warmth of day draws near,
"Ting, ting" in crystal resonance,
Falls on the listening ear.

The winds are blowing stiff now,
As clouds of summer build,
With notes of "Cling-Clang-Cling"
The static air is filled.

A mighty storm approaches,
And looks indeed, quite frightening,
Gale winds blow and swirl about,
With thunder...and with lightning.

Soon the storm clouds move away,
And things have settled down,
But wouldn't you just know it,
That chime's no where around.

Binggeba said...

Yay! Wind chimes! This reminds me of our house, where my Mother hangs them all along the balcony.

I close my eyes, and even over the noise and the wind, I can hear tehm chiming, and can imagine their tunes.


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