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Creative Prompt: He Accepted His Fate

Art © Graham Franciose
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
And, his ETSY site HERE.
The artist lives in Austin, Texas, and specializes in oil and
ink illustrations and fine art.

Artwork used with permission from Graham Franciose.


WHY? said...

Jason dreamt all his life for a wife and kids, and a small house out in the country. He would drive home from a hard day at the office, and park in his tidy garage. At the front door, he could hear his dogs racing to greet him, and see his wife's beaming face as they kissed each other hello. His kids weren't perfect, but that was okay. Neither was he.

Jason dreamt all his life for the kind of love that only a family could bring. But, he finally knew that his dreams would never come true. Women could only see his hideous body, not the beautiful heart beating within. But, Jason wasn't bitter. He understood people and their limitations. He held no grudges. Not against humanity or to God.

Life was beautiful, still. And, Jason was just happy to be alive.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I clenched my hands
so tightly,,,
to the life string
that only I could feel.
such a tiny thread,,,
and I held it closly
to my heart,,,
but then the day
I listened
to what you said to me..
I heard you say
set me free
and so with tears
in my eyes
I loosended the grip
and set you free.

Meandering Michael said...

Billy Bumpkins drank some ale
Billy Bumpkins stole a whale
Told the cops it was on sale
Billy Bumpkins went to jail

Billy Bumpkins made a kite
Wanted to escape his plight
Flew it to the highest height
And let it go into the night

Billy Bumpkins tried again
Made his kite big as a plane
A mighty gust blew it to Spain
Billy's efforts were in vain

Now thirty years behind the gate
Eating gruel from a plate
A life so boring and sedate
Billy Bumpkins knows his fate

And now you're heard his tragic tale
So if you want to eschew jail
Be careful when you drink your ale
And never, ever steal a whale

James Parker said...


When I was young, the future bright,
I hitched up to a star,
The world was full of promise,
I knew that I'd go far.

But I caused a bit of trouble,
And wound up in the clink,
I should have learned my lesson,
That's what you probably think.

But I got out and I was broke,
So I robbed a grocery store,
Then a local bank or two,
Was it three? Or maybe more.

Things got worse and worse,
I wasn't no small time hood,
And now I'm back in jail,
This time I think for good.

I've let my star go loose,
Since my story's such a chiller,
I guess there's just no hope,
For a ten-time serial killer.


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