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Creative Prompt: A Drop of Water

Photo © Matteo Quaglia
Visit his website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Italy.

Copyrighted by photographer, but used with permission via Morgue File,
a free photo website. Please give Matteo credit if you use.


Poetic Artist said...

One single drop can fill the ocean.
One single drop can fill the ocean.
One single drop can fill the ocean.
If everyone drop a tear in the stream of life.

James Parker said...


A single drop of water,
Seldom gets a second thought,
But it's from a different viewpoint,
That the imagination's caught.

Pretend your size is not so large,
That you're as tiny as a flea,
Well, that single drop of water,
Might prove a catastrophe.

Or take that single raindrop,
And add ten billion more,
They say there's strength in numbers,
Now the flood's outside the door.

So if you think you're small,
And don't really matter much,
Size never stopped the mosquito,
From having quite a punch.

Meandering Michael said...

It's never been the same to me
Since I was told its history
Aeons old, I guarantee
That drop right there...

... was dino pee.


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