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Creative Prompt: That Smile

Art Title: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
The artist was born in Vinci, Italy.

Artwork is in the public domain and is not restricted by copyright.


Binggeba said...

Even now, so many moons after,
It keeps us up at night.

Even now, so many wars after,
Men fight to see the sight.

Of all the art in the world,
Can any mach it?

Maybe, but not by my hand,
will I ever make it.

James Parker said...


I guess I should feel honored,
To take my place and pose,
For the famous Leonardo,
Whom everybody knows.

It's been a long, dull session,
At times it's been quite hard,
But I've gotten to know old Leo,
And he's really quite a card.

It must be part of genius,
To forget things now and then,
Like where you left your paintbrush.
And the places that you've been.

Leo often came to work,
A mess...his hair uncombed,
But he put a smile upon my face,
When he forgot his pants at home.

Meandering Michael said...

The Day I Saw the "Mona Lisa"
(A true story)

Wand'ring through the marble halls
of Palace Louvre I scoured the walls
Searching for that famous smile
The Dame of Great Da Vinci

Suddenly, I'm pulled along
By an eager, buzzing throng
All who want to see the smile
The Lady of Da Vinci

Behind a thick protective glass
The tourists with their cameras flash
A brutish mob ignoring signs

I cannot see her furtive grin
Because the horde has boxed her in
And so I read the pamphlet giv'n
On famous Belle Da Vinci

My heart delights in great surprise
At all who can't see through the guise
A replica is on display
A knock-off of Da Vinci

They came and "saw", so full of pride
And now I had a smile to hide
Just like the woman on the wall
As painted by Da Vinci

Rinkly Rimes said...

(With apologies to Nat King Cole, whose original lyrics appear below.)

That famous smile, that special gaze,
Intrigues all those who peer at her,
In so many ways.
What was she thinking then
When she sat down to pose?
Was she really bored, do you suppose?
The eyes, at first, look full of glee,
And yet that glance
Could be, perchance,
One of mystery.
But many doctors say
Cholesterol is probably to blame!
So that charming smile's
What a shame!

The Original version
A certain smile, a certain face
Can lead an unsuspecting heart
On a merry chase
A fleeting glance can say
So many lovely things
Suddenly you know why my heart sings
You love awhile and when love goes
You try to hide
The tears inside
With a cheerful pose
But in the hush of night
Exactly like a bitter sweet refrain
Comes that certain smile
To haunt your heart again


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