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Creative Prompt: In Paris

Photo © Suzie Chaney
Visit her website to see additional photos and artwork
And, her shop HERE
Suzie lives in Aude in the South of France.
As well as film photography
she creates art including mixed media work and artist's books;
always on the theme of telling a story
or the means of expressing the story itself.
"The future is always beginning now."
~Mark Strand
Copyrighted photo used with permission from Suzie Chaney.


James Parker said...


Well, here I am again,
Out on the street once more,
The place where I was staying,
Has kicked me out the door.

The fact that I'm a call girl,
Wasn't what has sent me packing,
Nor the twenty dollar shortage,
On the rent that I was lacking.

I'm afraid my old dog, Fred,
Is the reason I'm where I'm at,
You see old Fred got naughty,
And ate the landlord's cat.

Joanna said...

Great photo! Very mysterious and could be a fashion shot. Her pose, and the dog looking away, as well as not being able to see her face, is what makes it so interesting.

Linda said...

James' poem is great!! He always brings a smile to me!! Thanks, James!

Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

Pink tights and fast nights
that baby girl had it all
folded neat in a beat-up case
leaning against the weary wall
creased and frowned
like her mother's lips
but they never made a sound.
Button heels, a life on wheels
where's your head resting tonight
who knows said my baby girl
as the world spun in delight,
but the stars never cried
hanging above the world so high.
Lives crossed and lovers lost
baby girl playing peek-a-boo
with the traveling shadows
as such precious time flew
on wings of intention
dreams scribbled on cigarette packs
ne're the light of intervention.
Back on the bus, nothing to discuss
with the family there
as memories role by in blue sky and roses
stepped off the bus in the middle of nowhere
a place called home, no more to roam.

Meandering Michael said...

Sarah-Paige, yours HAS to be made into a song. Please!

Meandering Michael said...

She left her heart in Paris
I left my heart in Rome
The dog left her heart
In the back of the yard
In the hole where she hid her bone

She's flying back to Paris
I'm staying here at home
With a dog that I know
Has no great love for me
But desires nothing more than her bone

She'll find her heart in Paris
I'll give my dog a bone
And hope that she'll
Come 'round to me
And I won't be all alone


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