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Creative Prompt: *Oh, The Places You'll Go!!

Art Title: Sasha Serov by Valentin Serov (1865-1911)
The artist was born in St. Petersburg, Russia

Artwork is in the public domain and is not restricted by copyright.
*Post title from the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss


James Parker said...


A young girl sits and ponders,
The empty page before her,
She dreams of far off places,
And young men who'll soon adore her.

Her future lies in waiting,
Like the pages of that journal,
For times of joy and times of pain,
And the hopes that spring eternal.

And tomorrow for each one of us,
Is like that page unwritten,
What words will we inscribe on it?
The answers lay well hidden.

The moment of truth will come our way,
With each new rising sun,
And fill the page with acts and deeds,
That can never be undone.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Sorry about the punch line!


In a world of windows, some are made of glass;
Others are just spaces we look from as we pass.
A boy is looking at a buoy and watching the river flow
And seeing the fishermen fishing from the jetty down below.
A gentle, hazy afternoon, with nothing much to do,
So a boy is dreaming his time away as boys so often do.
He may be thinking of sailing to lands far, far away,
Maybe he dreams of porpoises and whales and sharks at play.
Maybe he dreams of mermaids in caves combing their hair;
Maybe he dreams of treasure islands, wishing he were there!
But no! I'm almost certain I saw him lick his lips!
'Take the photo quickly Grandma! I want to buy those chips!'

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I'd paint the sky
the sea and clouds
I'd paint a smile for you.
But thoughts have escaped
my imagination.
I would do it all for you
in a moments time
but right now my thoughts
are silent.

Meandering Michael said...

Too wet to go out,
It was too wet to play
So we sat in our home
On that wet, wet, wet day.
"I'm bored," complained Sally.
"I know," I agreed.
So she sat around grumbling
While I tried to read

Then Sally would moan.
Oh, how Sally would moan!
A horrible, desperate,
Flopping 'round on the couch,
her face became sour
and sour-er and sour-er
and worse by the hour.

I stuck to my book,
Like a fish on a hook,
And tried to ignore Sally's bray.
The stories I read
Went straight into my head
And soon I got carried away!

To far-distant lands where the Foo-la-ma-loo
Does a magical dance with a shiny green shoe
And the Jiggity-Big and the Biggity-Jig
Like to swim in the swamplands of Kalamazoo

The things that I learned
in these far-distant lands
were not something that Sally
would soon understand.

Thirty years later
she grunts on her couch
with a big, rolling belly
and lazy ol' slouch.

Oh, the places I've gone!
Oh, the things I can be!
I owe oh-so-much
for what books
gave to me.


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