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Creative Prompt - 9

Illustration: © Ella Elviana- The Enigma
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Indonesia, and specializes in
children's book illustration.

Artwork used by permission from Ella Elviana.


Kundan Pandey said...

Hi. I'm kundan from India. This illustration is very beautiful. It captures my dreams of a great childhood. I was inspired to write a short story on this. I have used this story on my blog whose link is .I have used the image on my blog also, with a link back to this blog. If it violates any copyright issues, I will happily remove it. My creative story inspired by this image is as follows. Thank you to the creator of this image and thanks to this great blog.

I always loved Sundays. It gave me immense pleasure to forget about school and wander into the fields, orchards and watch the pristine river and its surrounding nearby my home. It was also a day when I could go for collecting red berries that my mother loved to cook. I loved freedom. I loved exploring the world. Though, I was not allowed to accompany any fisherman or any adults into their boats on the riverside. My mother was afraid of water. I was only allowed to collect fruits and berries from gardens and trees near my home. She never understood I'm a brave boy and I can climb a tree to snatch fruits. Sitting in front of the huge expanse of the river was the greatest attraction for me. I loved to watch the horizon ending at the other side of the river. I always wondered if that is the place where my village ended. I had told my father that I would cross the river when I was an adult. He always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I also knew about the divine mountain on the other side of the river. Elders in my village believed that a God resided on the mountain and so every year, they went there, crossing the river on hundreds of boats. They would sing songs and praise the God to grant us peace and wisdom. They also said that the river was calm because the mountain God ordered it to be so. On a rainy day often I could see an arc rising above the mountains. My father told me it was the symbol that God was happy with us. Only later, I knew it was the rainbow. I loved drawing rainbows in my art book. Most of the days, I would observe birds flying high in the sky. Even they would swoon down to hunt fish. It was a fascinating sight to watch them hunting for food. One of my friends, Ryan, accompanied me at this place initially but later he said he was getting bored there. He never came again with me. I eagerly wait for Sundays to come. I loved sitting idly there and observe the world. I had the freedom to paint my world in the canvas of my mind. A world that I will explore one day. Wow, it would be exciting!

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