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Creative Prompt - 10

Art: © Chad Wallace
Visit his website to see additional artwork. And, his blog HERE.
The artist lives in Westchester, New York, and specializes in
children's book illustration, animals and nature drawing/painting.
It's good to feel you are close to me in the night, love,
invisible in your sleep, intently nocturnal,
while I untangle my worries
as if they were twisted nets.
~Pablo Neruda
Artwork used with permission from Chad Wallace.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

It's time for us to
follow our dreams.
let's hold hand
all night
until tomorrow.

Binggeba said...

Nearness to you is what I long for,
By your side I wait in wanting,
I have learned all the old lore,
Trying to find the secret to possessing.
To keep you near, close like a secret,
Shall be my goal, my true target.

I am possessive, I am jealous,
And my heart wants to never let go,
But our future is wondrous,
Because I love you.

Meandering Michael said...

Seahorse Love
Drifting on the coral reef
The romance never ends
Entwined upon your lover's tail
You're so much more than friends
Biologists, those grand voyeurs
Who study love close up
Were shocked when they discovered
It's the male who gets knocked-up


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