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Creative Prompt - 20

Art © Jeannie Lynn Paske
Visit her blog  and website to see additional artwork.
And, her ETSY site HERE.
The artist lives in Portland, Oregon and specializes in illustration.
Artwork used with permission from Jeanne Lynn Paske


Abhishek Martins said...

Striding tall, walking along.
Watching for kites, watching for fights.
See the serene, be like the shade.
Shine our colours, reflect the waters.
Food for thought, our food must be fought.
Yet we walk on, we'll soon be gone.

We walk tall, we're too proud to fall.
Many suns fall, many moons rise.
But yet we shall, we believe our lies.
We walk tall, we're too proud to fall...

Meandering Michael said...

Poor little budgie
You can't fly along
Your body's too short
Your legs are too long!
Don't let it bug you
Please pay it no mind
Everyone wants you:
You're one of a kind!


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