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Image Prompt: Of Saints and Sinners

Art Title: Of Saints and Sinners © Theresa Rankin
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
And, her sites: Theresa Rankin and HERE.
The artist lives in Carthage, Missouri, and specializes in oil paintings.
The subject matter is often is a subtle mixture of
mystery, longing, light, beauty and a bit of unreachability that
gives her the emotional reaction
that in turn inspires her to paint.

Artwork used with permission from Theresa Rankin.


Sudharm Baxi said...

A quote i wrote a few days back, fits beautifully here..

Each one of us is both a sinner and a saint,
the difference lies in the ratio.

Sudharm Baxi said...

Could not prevent myself from writing this....

I am a sinner
soon i realised

but till then the
Son of God was
getting chastised

i shouted i mourned
and urged a realization

but till then
they were ready for
His crucification

You emanated bliss, care
and love
But we were ugly crows and not the
lovely dove

All we could see
was darkness and lies
and when you exuded light
we were made to close our eyes

James Parker said...


Cathedrals, temples, shrines,
Have abounded all the while.
Mighty works of grandeur,
In every shape and style

But all Man's prideful efforts
Consistently fall short
Of the wonders of the greatest church.
The one inside your heart.

Meandering Michael said...

Whispers in the Church
On the Subject of Saints and Sinners

Mrs. Whipple: The Reverend Mr. Sanderson stole $40 right from Mr. Baxter's pocket.

Mrs. Appleby: Mr. Sanderson used that money to buy groceries for Mr. Baxter's eight children before Mr. Baxter spent it on wine and women.

Mrs. Jones: Poor old Mr. Baxter isn't spending that money on debauchery; he's spending that money on courting. He's trying to find a new mother for his eight children since that harlot Mrs. Baxter ran out on him for her cousin.

Mrs. Whipple: Mrs. Baxter didn't run out on him; she fled for her own safety. Her cousin, brave Mr. Smith, is the only one who'll stand up to Mr. Baxter.

Mrs. Appleby: He's the only one who will stand up to Mr. Baxter because he's a violent brute of a man. Why, just last week he attacked my Mr. Appleby!

Mrs. Jones: He attacked your Mr. Appleby because your Mr. Appleby has been courting his daughter!

Mrs. Whipple: Her Mr. Appleby isn't courting his daughter; he's instructing her on how to lead a good Christian life - since our Reverend Mr. Sanderson doesn't seem up to the task. Why, just last week, Reverend Sanderson stole $40 right from Mr. Baxter's pocket...

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

What a nice painting. I find I have to visit everyone’s blog after you post a sample of their work. What a great way to expand our awareness

glorv1 said...

That's a beautiful painting.

Renee said...

What a fantastic picture Nancy.

I agree with you about it being a shame what people do to their parents.

I just spent the night with my Mom. Wednesdays is my night. We all have a night seven days of the week to bring my Mom supper and spend the evening.

Love Renee

Tessa said...

Absolutely breathtaking. That element of colour in the almost monotone painting is sensational.


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